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The Model 233 door operator can be used in many pedestrian gate applications with a slight modification of the arm geometry and mounting positions. There are many ways to mount a gate operator, one of which is shown here  on the website. If you are considering using one of our units for a gate application, consultation with Open Sesame is welcomed. Since the Open Sesame door operator is not waterproof, a rain shield or roof will have to be constructed to shield it from the rain. The Model 233 operator acts like a return spring when the gate is manually opened, so it keeps the gate in the closed position. When activated via remote control it will open, pause for entry or exit, then close after a delay, as all our door operators. It can be used in this manner without a latch on the gate. If a latch is needed, then a standard door latch and handle can be installed on the gate, and an electric strike plate can be mounted in the wall or fence to automatically release the gate latch when the door operator is activated (just like in our standard residential package). The usual traffic load limits apply for the Model 233 door operator, since the motor is run every time the gate is opened, whether manually or via remote control. Usually we limit it to ~300 openings per day. Below are a couple of photos showing a typical installation as well as a short video of it in operation. 
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