Read this important Public / Light Commercial package application information before ordering or installing!
1) The Open Sesame Model 233 runs on an internal battery that is being constantly trickle charged. For high traffic applications, consult with us regarding an external power supply that reduces dependence on the internal battery. 2) The Open Sesame Model 233 is provided with a bumper-stop on the arm to limit the maximum travel of the door to slightly more than 90 degrees. 3) The Open Sesame Model 233 when held open by wind or obstructions will attempt to close for 40 seconds and then stop trying to bring the door closed. The door operation is reset by manually closing the door. This turn off mode protects the motor and drive circuitry from overheating. 4) The current Model 233 operator comes with an adjustable clutch, which can easily be adjusted to suit the needs of the application. Occasionally, there can be issues due to wind load (for an outward opening door), pressure differential, or excessive opening/closing resistance due to the threshold and/or weatherstripping. In these cases the clutch can be adjusted to provide greater opening/closing and holding force.
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