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“I wanted to take a minute and let you know that everything went very well with this install. You’ve always been a excellent company to work with and I wanted to let you know. My installer in the field said “I really like installing these units. The directions are clear, the install is easy and the clients all like them” Thank you for assisting with getting us the correct products for different applications, quick shipping, reasonable prices, and all around a quality product. I buy accessibility products from many vendors and service is something that is very important to me. I have always had great experiences with Open Sesame. I’ll do my best to spread the word amongst the franchise group. Thanks, CB” “The door opener is great! Thank you. The installer, Mr BB, is a skilled professional and a gentleman, “par excellence”! He is kind, patient, and helpful.” AF “For over five years I've had my Open Sesame door opener installed at my front door and with it getting used an average of sixteen times a day; I've never had a single problem with the opener. This door opener is by far the most durable and trouble free unit that I've ever heard of while at the same time, being priced affordable. Being that I have helpers coming and going in and out of my home three times a day, I'm able to give them a four digit code to enter into my keyless entry system that's mounted outside my front door, there's never a need to give out an actual key! That being said, if I ever have a helper that might be categorized as questionable and needing to let go or quitting, changing the four digit code is as easy as 1, 2, 3 yet with only a few easy to follow steps! I've had other door opener systems in the past and though they've worked well, that system was retired after no longer being able to supply parts for it. I can't say enough good things about my Open Sesame door opener, the investment has already paid off more times over than I can count and I'm looking forward to many good years to come out of it. Installation is a breeze and once you adjust it, and it should not need to be touched for many years to come. Thank you Open Sesame and all those who work for them for keeping me safe and free of worrying about whether or not my door is going to open or not regardless of what type of weather we might be having. Whether it's 103° warm or 14° cool, my opener will work regardless of the weather variances found in Arizona.” BW “I purchased an Open Sesame about 9 yrs (ago). The unit has been dependable and is still used by my daughter every day. Thank you.”  FD “We were contacted by IM and they have been awarded the contract to install your openers. They strictly use your openers and have found them to be the best systems available on the market today, and have used nothing but over the years. His pricing was excellent as well, as well has a list of satisfied clients, both large and small alike. Charlie is a heck of a representative – and I believe truly has an interest in providing quality products that will serve the clientele that requires these systems, much like yourself. It is refreshing to become fortunate to become affiliated with such individuals. You have one heck of a salesman and representative of your company in Charlie, even though he’s not on your payroll. I believe he will be ordering the systems from your Company within the next week or so, and will be installing them upon his receipt of the openers. If you’d like to check back with me in the next few weeks to check on the installation and operation, please feel free to.” BS “Just wanted to let you know what great door operators Open Sesame offers.  They are compact, yet very powerful, and quite easy to install and set up. The unit is super reliable with very few call backs.  The strike releases that are offered are also very sturdy and reliable.  Your customer service is great, with prompt responses to questions and the staff is very knowledgeable regarding installation or troubleshooting issues.  It truly is a pleasure working with your company.” BB “I have sold and installed many Open Sesame operator systems and think very highly of the product.  It is the best residential door opening system that I am aware of.” ML “I have a small business in Oregon.  I have used only the Open Sesame operator in both commercial and residential application. I am familiar with most of the openers on the market and I will not use anything else, and here’s why. The Open Sesame opener is the most reliable one on the market , and is it easy to install. I work in OR, WA, CA, ID. I cannot have a piece of equipment that I need to come back for service calls or have to maintain because my service area is so large. I have installed the Open Sesame automatic door opener for almost 10 years and I will not use anything else due to the dependability to the end user, 90% of whom are quadriplegics. The Open Sesame automatic door opening systems are compatible with all of my equipment and can be installed on just about any door configuration. The people and support crew at Open Sesame are always there for me if there is any additional piece I need and they know their stuff. I cannot ask for a better piece of equipment or staff to work with in this field. Thank you Open Sesame for all you do to give these individuals the increase of independence and safety that my clients require in their home or work place.” JG “ is working nicely.  I had my handyman install it...our clients like it and it is helpful when your arms are full and you can't open the door manually!” LS “...we got it installed and it works quite well. When we had questions during the installation, we were able to contact your in house people without much delay. They were quite helpful. My client had an unusual use for the system-they're not physically handicapped. They wanted an automatic door system so that someone could let their dogs in and out of their room while they are away for vacation without having any direct interaction with them.  One of them is pretty vicious, so he's not all that fun to be around. They're actually out of town now, and I'm taking care of the dogs. Works wonderfully - I pull in the driveway and open the door to the back yard before I even walk in the house. They run outside, I tend to their food, etc. then close up the room and open the door for them to come back in. Works like a charm. I think it's a really interesting product, and I may well be able to find ways to sell and install more Thanks!” DH “Open Sesame, great simple install and they have all kinds of options! These guys know the product too, awesome technical support.” SH “I like Open Sesame as well. Good technical support, easy installation. Flexible in design so clients can move them to different doors with different swings.” BP “...Open Sesame is very good. Lots of options and support.” JE
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